The Colchagua Valley

The Colchagua valley has evolved in the last twenty years, from a quiet extension of agricultural land to being one of the most active and prestigious winemaking regions in the country. The relatively low elevation of the coastal hills allows the breezes from the Pacific Ocean to interact with the Winds coming from the Andes Mountains, thus cooling the valley, and extending the ripening process in the region which benefits the conservation of the acidity in the grapes, which resolves in red wines of excellent coloration, great freshness, and good ageing capacity. The vast majority of the wines produced in Colchagua are reds, with a particular penchant to produce Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Syrah.

La Lajuela Estate

Precisely in the prestigious Colchagua Valley, between the Apalta and Lolol valleys, are our beautiful vineyards of the La Lajuela micro valley located. La Lajuela Estate covers a surface of 400 hectares, and, in the middle of it, surrounded by a chain of hills, are 50 hectares of the most renowned red wine varieties: Cabernet Franc, Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Syrah. The soft hills that surround the terroir cause a singular and slow ripening of the grapes. Very warm summers with breezes coming from the coast in the afternoon, and cold winters with an annual rainfall of 450 mm, produce healthy and complex grapes. The soil is clay loam with slow permeability.