Fresh, sweet and fruity, a trilogy of flavor and aromas.


VERDI FAMILY wines represent the high quality of Chilean wine, showing the best and purest expression of each variety. Harvested in the Central Valley, our oenological team is responsible for producing fresh, fruity and young wines, ideal for any occasion. Our VERDI FAMILY Muscat has a brilliant golden color with yellow reflections. Expressive nose, with notes of peach, quince and exotic fruits. In the mouth it is pleasant, sweet and fresh, with notes of white fruit and citrus at the end. This wine is a great company for shrimp in tempura.


ORIGIN: Itata Valley, CHILE.

AGING: Does not require, shows the fruit as it is.

STORAGE RECOMMENDATION: It can be enjoyed immediately or stored for five years or more in a cool and dry place.

RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE: 12º - 13º C (54º - 55º F).

DECANT: Does not require decanting.

VARIETY: 100% Muscat ALCOHOL: 13 ° GL T

OTAL ACIDITY: 6 ± 0.5 g / Lt



The Central Valley of Chile – protected by the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Andes Cordillera to the east – is the ideal region for winemaking in Chile. With a stable Mediterranean climate and diverse soils, it offers excellent conditions for the production and growth of numerous grape varieties. Its large thermal variation causes dry summers with radiant days and cold nights which help the grapes reach their maximum potential of colour, aroma, and flavour.