From our best hillside vineyard in Curicó, aged for 700 days only in French oak barrels ... outstanding.


DCC Cabernet Sauvignon is a special wine from its origin. It comes from a particular vineyard in the hills of the Sagrada Familia estate at 350 meters above sea level, in the Curicó valley. Place strategically chosen for its orientation and inclination and where no more vines can be planted, therefore, the production of this wine is limited to 850 boxes per year approximately. Its elaboration begins with a selection by hand of the best grapes and a second rigorous selection in the vineyard, and then aged without haste for 700 (DCC) days in new French oak barrels.


ORIGIN: Curicó Valley, CHILE.

AGING: 100% of the wine is kept for 24 months in new, first-use French oak barrels.

STORAGE RECOMMENDATION: It can be enjoyed immediately or stored for twenty years or more in a cool and dry place.

RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE: 16º to 18º C (61º - 64º F).

DECANT: At least one hour.

VARIETY: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon A


TOTAL ACIDITY: 5.4 ± 0.3 g / Lt


The Curicó Valley

With a tradition in winemaking dating back to the 19th century, the Curicó valley is, to this day, one of the largest, diverse, and most highly regarded winemaking regions in Chile. The region presents a wide variety of soils – volcanic and alluvial in origin –, with loam a clay textures that grant it various contents and humidity retention levels, which also allows to select the most adequate soil condition for each grape strain, and thus allow it to fully express its potential. The Mediterranean Climate – with its hot days, adequate sun exposure, and cool nights, provides the temperature variation needed to obtain high quality grapes.